wrytoast ( wrytoast) wrote,

[SIFSF] Exhibitionism for the Shy

"Put your skirt back on," Martin said. Julie looked at him with
disbelief, then down at the harness padlocked at each hip and the
vibrator nestled between her labia, held in place by the harness.
"It won't show under the skirt. Reservations in 20 minutes."
"You're kidding, right? I can't go to dinner like that."
"Sure you can." He grinned. "I'll have the remote in my pocket."
"In the restaurant?" Julie looked appalled.
"Between soup and pasta. Or maybe not until before dessert."
"That's like that stupid scene out of that stupid movie. That would be
totally embarrassing."
"She was faking. You wouldn't be."
Julie bit her lip. "That wouldn't make it better."
"Oh, for me it would. Or you could come really quietly. Only I'd know."
"That's crazy! Besides, I couldn't come in public. I just can't do that."
Martin grinned. "I'm just as happy to watch you struggling not to come."
He smoothed the long skirt over Julie's ass. "But let's go. We should be
on our way."

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